Breaking the barriers for the widespread use of natural refrigerants: the NxtHPG project

Jun. 11, 2015 |  – Presentations are now available!

The 1st Technical workshop with the title "Breaking the barriers for the widespread use of Natural refrigerants: the NxtHPG project" took place on the 29th of May in Brussels at the Renewable Energy House. 

The workshop was attended by representatives of the heat pump industry (both manufactures and component manufacturers, universities and representatives of national governments). 

a. During the workshop

Please view and/or download the presentations below: 

  1. Implementing the new F-Gas regulation | Arno Kaschl, DG CLIMA, EU Commission 
  2. Lessons learned in the market place: propane heat pumps |   Dr. Joachim Maul, Alpha Innotec
  3. Design and safety standards for HC refrigerants and CO2| Dr. Ignat Tolstorebrov, NTNU
  4. Next Generation of Heat pumps working with natural fluids | José Miguel Corberán, UPVLC
  5. Heat pumps working with propane: prototypes in the NxtHPG project José Miguel Corberán, UPVLC (on behalf of Miguel Zamora, CIAT)
  6. Heat pumps working with CO2: market trends and new productsfileadmin/red/Events/20150527_NxtHPG_workshop/20150529_Girotto_reduced.pdf  | Sergio Girotto, ENEX
  7. Scroll compressors for propane | Pierre Ginies, Danfoss
  8. Compressors for CO2 | Mauro Dallai, Dorin
  9. Brazed plate heat exchanger solutions for HC and CO2 | Rolf Christensen, Alfa–Laval
  10. Coil solutions for HC and CO2 |  Stefano Filippini, Lu-Ve